7 Reasons to give plantable pencils to your kid

7 Reasons to give plantable pencils to your kid

Reason 1 - Teach your children the importance of getting back to nature

It's easy for kids living in modern cities to grow up detached from nature. They may never have the chance to see wildlife or a tree stand taller than their house. But even if your child lives in an urban environment, there are still many ways you can help them get back to nature and understand its importance.

For example, you can introduce them to gardening. Growing plants is a great way for children to learn about nature and take care of the environment.

Through gardening, they will also find out where food comes from and how it grows. At the same time, they will be able to exercise more frequently and eat healthier (a win-win situation!). And if they're old enough, kids can even plant pencils themselves! Who knows - perhaps they'll grow up one day with their own garden full of seeds ready for planting!

Reason 2 - These pencils make a lovely gift

Still searching for the perfect gift? You’ve found it. Not only do these pencils offer a great writing experience, but they can also be planted in flowerpots when the lead runs out to grow into beautiful flowers. They make wonderful gifts for your kids and other children, especially at holidays like birthdays, Christmas time and stocking stuffers!

These pencils are also fantastic gifts for adults who are interested in gardening or are environmentally conscious. So whether you’re shopping for a child or an adult, eco-friendly or environmentally conscious – plantable pencils make a lovely gift.

Give them as classroom gifts to your son’s teacher, give them to all of your office staff as stocking stuffers, keep some on hand and you’ll have the perfect gift ready anytime someone pops by with an unexpected present!

Reason 3 - Encourage wellness and self-esteem

Talking to children about the benefits of gardening can teach them the importance of caring for something, as well as responsibility. Depending on the child and his/her personality and interests, there are many ways to foster a relationship with nature. They can learn to care for plants in their own home or at school.

This can be as simple as watering a window-side basil plant or taking part in a school garden program such as the one offered by Growing Minds, an initiative of Asheville-based Appalachian Sustainable Agriculture Project (ASAP).
In addition to supporting children’s physical health through daily activity—digging in dirt!—there is also growing evidence that connecting with nature may have profound psychological benefits too.

In fact, research shows that getting outside and interacting with nature may help alleviate mental fatigue associated with attention deficit disorder (ADD) and other challenges like depression and anxiety. The act of nurturing something can be very cathartic, so encouraging your child to grow a plant provides an avenue for them to express themselves in a healthy way.

Reason 4 - Playful learning experience

There’s a lot of talk about the need to get children off their phones, tablets and computers. We hear about how our bambinos should be playing outside more, getting fresh air and not being so glued to digital screens.
Arguably, this is true of adults too!

So what can we do to encourage kids to go out into nature? A great way is through planting plantable pencils! It’s a fun activity that introduces children to the wonders of nature. Planting seeds and then watering them regularly will help your child appreciate the environment in a new way.

As they watch the pencil break down and see wildflowers or herbs grow from it, they realize that they can contribute positively to their world. They also love watching their plants grow – it gives them a sense of pride of accomplishment as well as a fascination with the natural world around them.

Reason 5 - Connect with the growing seasons of the year

While your child is watching the seeds grow, they can draw pictures of the seasons and how each season affects their plant. You can also point out how some plants are only available in certain seasons, such as pumpkins being a fall fruit.

This is a great way to teach your child about the different seasons and explain what happens during each season.
Teaching your child about the different ways that people use plants is another great activity to do with plantable pencils.

For example, you could talk about how people eat fruits from trees and make paper from plants. Your child can then draw pictures of different kinds of plants that people use for various things.

Reason 6 - Hands-on approach that improves gross motor skills

Your little one can take a hands-on approach with the plantable pencils by planting the pencils in soil and watering them. This is especially good for kids who are more kinesthetic than visual learners because it helps them get their hands dirty and get a better understanding of how nature works.
Additionally, this allows your child to develop motor skills such as coordination, strength and dexterity.
The end result also makes for a great way to teach kids about the processes of life, including growth, decay and recycling all in one. Not only that but they’ll probably have fun while they’re at it!
Every step of the process requires some kind of physical action thus helping your little ones learn how to use their fine motor skills as well as developing their hand-eye coordination too.

Reason 7 - Free from harmful substances

And you’ll be happy to know that they are safe for children. The pencils are made from recycled paper and they don’t have any sharp edges, meaning your child can draw and write without getting hurt. Plantable pencils are made in a sustainable way, and because of that, you also get to feel good about using them!
Plus, plantable pencils are biodegradable. So when your child has finished using the pencil, she can just put it into the ground and grow flowers! Plantable pencil is the best alternative for kids who love to color or draw. Get your children their own set of plantable pencils today and let them enjoy hours of art-filled fun!
Aesthetically appealing, natural materials used in our pencils will delight both kids and adults alike!

You'll love the beautiful and unique design of our pencils, as no two are exactly alike. They are a great product for any age - aesthetically appealing, full of charm, and made out of superior quality natural materials. Our pencils will delight both kids and adults alike! So plantable pencils can be a great gift not only for your child but also for your friends or family members.

You should try plantable pencils for their environmental and educational benefits
You might be wondering, “What are plantable pencils?” Plantable pencils are biodegradable pencils made from sustainable materials.

They use natural plant seed paper instead of wood for the exterior and natural clay for the insides (rather than graphite and graphite/clay mixes that are found in standard pencils).
These materials meet the ASTM standards of writing quality and performance, but they also give back to nature when it is time to discard them!
There is no need to worry about your kids hurting themselves while they write with these eco-friendly pencils, even if they chew on them, as they have a taste that kids cannot stand!

So you can rest assured that your child won’t be ingesting these harmful chemicals while writing with them.
And there are other environmentally friendly benefits as well. When these biodegradable pencils reach the end of their life cycle, you do not need to throw them out in the trash; instead, put them into soil or compost! In just a few weeks’ time, wildflowers will sprout up from the discarded pencil to grow into beautiful blooms

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