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Welcome to Plencils, India's Eco Friendly Stationery Store.

Pencils are made from wood, which is non-renewable. Even if you recycle the wood, it takes years for a tree to grow and become usable again. Plencils take care of the problem of waste by making pencils out of recycled newspaper. They are just as strong as regular pencils and they’re biodegradable! They also come with a plantable tip, which let you grow your pencil into a plant.

Go from being a writer to an environmentalist with one simple change!

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When you buy one,

We give one.

For every 'Plencils Starter Kit' you buy, we donate one kit to underprivileged students of Delhi.

Customers reviews

I love the pencils because they're a great way to give a gift and spread awareness of the importance of plants. I feel good about giving them out to friends and family and clients.
Ankit Kathuria
Customer Since 2021
My kids love plantable pencils. I'm proud that they are mindful of the earth and what is important to their generation. I love seeing my kids interested in sustainability.
Customer Since 2022
I received my pencils a couple days ago and have already given one to a friend and used one. They are so cool, so fun! I love them. I'm going to give some as gifts to my friends and family.
Priya Sharma
Customer Since 2022

/ Let’s plant the world

with plencils.